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Copier Rent

Do not wish to pay for high upfront payment?

Looking for a cash-flow friendly solution?

Let see how our renting solution can help you.

  • Enjoy the service without having a high starting financial investment.

  • Cash-flow friendly with low monthly rental payment.

  • Flexibility to upgrade your machine anytime based on specific needs.

  • Flexible renting time with the choice of short and long term renting.

  • Optional to purchase and own the copier with a reasonable low cost at the end of the contract.


Free maintenance

Free Service

Free Toner

Free Spare Part

Recommend for user who has inconsistent printing volume.

Recommend for user who likes flexibility and always keeping up with new technologies.

Copier Rent

Not sure which service to choose?

Contact us for free consultation without obligation.

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Why Choose Us?
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